The Writings of India Waldron

When Dawn Comes

Description: A novel set in 1820 Los Angeles
Genre: Fanfiction, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance
Written: 2000, 2004

Chapter 1
The Martinez family arrives
Chapter 2
The town prepares for the fiesta
Chapter 3
At the fiesta
Chapter 4
Anna returns to the tavern
Chapter 5
Zorro returns to the cave
Chapter 6
The guests leave the hacienda
Chapter 7
Diego and Anna return to the pueblo
Chapter 8
Zorro visits Don Eduardo
Chapter 9
Martinez and De Soto conspire
Chapter 10
Roberto goes too far
Chapter 11
Leftenant Watson arrives
Chapter 12
Anna flees the pueblo
Chapter 13
The Martinez family leaves
Chapter 14
Anna and Marta become friends
Chapter 15
Anna visits Matthew's grave
Chapter 16
A dinner party at the hacienda
Chapter 17
De Soto attempts to serve a warrant
Chapter 18
Anna confesses
Chapter 19
Double jeopardy
Chapter 20
An Americano arrives
Chapter 21
Michael is sent to Monterey
Chapter 22
Felipe is arrested
Chapter 23
Zorro finds Anna
Chapter 24
Michael turns over the papers
Chapter 25- NEW!
Anna walks to town

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Sarah Grayson

Description: A novel about one of the dark secrets of emergency services
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Medical Fiction, Contemporary Romance
Written: 1997, 1998, 2003, 2004

Chapter 1
Neil Loch's first day
Chapter 2- NEW!
Trauma alert

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Other Works by India Waldron

Final Call
Description: A short story about a tragic day
Genre: Autobiography
Written: 1998

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